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Here is some information on people who could be of assistance.

It is good to know of or about vets who have experience in treating the Shar-Pei breed – in other words vets you can trust. Vets are bound by their professional code of honor to protect the health and welfare of our dogs. Vets who deal with the Shar-Pei possess the necessary medical knowledge and practical experience.

Below are some links to vets recommended by owners of Shar-Pei dogs:

1. European vets with Shar-Pei experience 

It is also good to know of or about recommended lawyers and where to get proper legal advice.

Being right is one thing, but getting justice is quite another matter. As a puppy buyer or dog owner, you can get expert legal advice, valuable tips, and support on issues like “Guaranteed rights, person responsible for the cost of treatment, etc.”

Click the link below to see a list of legal advisors who have earned my full confidence:

2. Getting legal advice in Germany